Zepter International becomes a Premium member

Zepter International becomes a Premium member

Zepter International is a global enterprise which produces, sells and distributes high-quality consumer goods via their direct sales network and high-street stores, with a presence in over 60 countries on 5 continents.

Through its business philosophy that promotes a healthy lifestyle, Zepter International is uniquely dedicated to enhancing the quality of the lives of its millions of customers around the globe. It accomplishes this not only though its products, but through a system of permanent, ongoing education and employment of employees, managers and specialists from a diverse array of backgrounds coupled with its advanced analysis, planning and distribution of financing and insurance services.

This noble mission originated with Mr. Philip Zepter 36 years ago, and continues to inspire his employees to this day to protect their health and the health of their loved ones, to improve the lives of those around them, and to constantly broaden their knowledge of
business and raise their standards.

Millions of people throughout the world have become healthier and happier by incorporating Zepter International’s products and services into their daily lives, and hundreds of thousands have achieved their business and personal ambitions by following the Zepter formula.

Zepter’s success story started in 1986, when the company was founded in Linz, Austria. The first production plant was in Milan, Italy, and produced top-quality Masterpiece Cookware and artistic table decorations. Masterpiece Cookware is still globally synonymous with unequivocal and long-lasting value, and Menfi Industria, Zepter’s modern factory based in Milan, with a production capacity of more than 1,000,000 units per year and its business space of 24,000 m 2 , has become the headquarters of the Zepter company.

In 1996 the Zepter Group branched out into the market of medical devices. The purchase of the Swiss-based company Bioptron AG, marked Zepter’s revolutionary entry into the business of light therapy.

More than two million people use the BIOPTRON light therapy system, and it is one of the most famous Zepter products, recognized worldwide. Many clinics and rehabilitation centres around the world use BIOPTRON Light as part of standard medical therapy.

In 1996 the Swiss company Intercosmetica Neuchâtel SA was bought by the Zepter Group. After significant investments in production capabilities and research and development, new manufacturing plants and a novel biotechnology laboratory were established. Production capacity doubled, focused only on the highest-quality cosmetics.

Soon after this strategic investment, the company’s headquarters moved to Switzerland and Zepter continued to expand to new markets and develop and implement cutting-edge technologies. Today, eight Zepter factories located in Germany, Italy and Switzerland
produce hundreds of top-class home appliances for your health and beauty.

Zepter’s efficiency and business success is attributed not only to its range of top-quality, innovative products, but, to its sales force of more than 130,000 consultants globally. We are proud of our network of superbly-trained and committed sales managers and consultants, who continue to spread Zepter’s business philosophy and mission of health and beauty.

The past few decades have been very successful as over 80 million people have become satisfied users of Zepter products, with more than 760 million products sold. So be sure that whenever you see the name "Zepter" you can be confident of the highest quality, a prestigious style and lasting value!

Watch an introductory video of Zepter International on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RhqWrdvOK4

Visit their website: https://www.zepter.rs/