Welcome our newest Premium member - Factory World Wide

Welcome our newest Premium member - Factory World Wide

Factory World Wide is a software development company founded in 2013 with a goal to bring together the top developers and designers Serbia had to offer at that time. Offering a complete product development cycle from ideation, development, marketing and product placement, Factory World Wide was distinguished among the first companies in Serbia to have such an all around team.

They are selective about work they take on, focusing on projects with sustainable business value. In addition to their other work, they have two proprietary software engines in their portfolio, customisable and available as white label solutions. In addition to their development resources, they help other stakeholders define business objectives. 

Their project management experience is based on their work and on independent consulting they have provided over the years. They focus on deploying new features regularly, always reducing risk, and providing structure and transparency into the process.

Today, Factory World Wide is a company with more than 80 employees dedicated to a broad spectrum of clients outsourcing the knowledge and best development practices they have learned by building products for themselves.

Visit their website: https://factoryww.com/