Welcome our newest member Vanguard Sustainable Transport Solutions

Welcome our newest member Vanguard Sustainable Transport Solutions

Vanguard Sustainable Transport Solutions Ltd is a spin out company from The University of Birmingham formed in 2019 and is focused on delivering clean mobility across several sectors. Initially focused on the rail market, Vanguard is driving the decarbonisation of heavy transport through the development of hydrogen and battery solutions comprising both propulsion systems and the long-term supply of hydrogen and charging infrastructure.

Vanguard team members were heavily involved with the design and development of the HydroFLEX 1 and HydroFLEX 2 projects, the UK’s first hydrogen powered mainline passenger train and Vanguard continues to be involved with the project as a design consult and refuelling service provider. Vanguard are also currently developing a hydrogen powered Shunter as part of its modular locomotive platform.

Vanguard is committed to growing its team and footprint in the green mobility marketplace and has recently welcomed several interns into its Vanguard Academy programme, helping to build a future base of engineers dedicated to the decarbonisation of transport.

Visiti their website: www.vanguardsts.com and LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/vanguard-sustainable-transport-solutions