Welcome our newest member Menzies Aviation

Welcome our newest member Menzies Aviation

Menzies Aviation is the leading service partner to the world’s airports and airlines, with operations on six continents, at 251 airports in 59 countries, serving more than 4 million flights a year and handling over 2 million tons of cargo. Supported by a team of over 40,000 highly trained people, the company provides complex and time-critical ground services, including passenger, lounge and ramp services; air cargo services, including handling, warehousing and wholesale freight forwarding; and fuel services, including fuel farm management and into-plane fuelling.

Menzies Aviation is recognised across the industry for delivering the safest, most secure and sustainable services tailored to customers’ needs and is essential to keeping passengers, aircraft and cargo moving, round the clock, every minute of every day. It is headquartered in London, and since its founding in 1833, has become the largest aviation services group in the world by number of countries.

In Serbia, Menzies Aviation provides ground services at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and is committed to supporting the growth of aviation in the region.

For more information visit our website: menziesaviation.com