Welcome our newest member Farma Inova

Welcome our newest member Farma Inova

The Farma Inova team was established in 2019 to help agri-businesses grow organically and foster a consumer-first mindset. They are dedicated to improving the nutrition of domestic animals by preparing feed with innovative products and services.

Farma Inova doo was founded by dr Aleksandra Ivetic, owner of 4 very successful patents and winner of more than 30 gold medals at world competitions. She was joined by Vesna Lowes and in 2022 Mladen Lojanica dr. vet. med, a specialist in animal nutrition, joined their team.

Farma Inova team believes in progress. By using their next-generation innovations, they help agri-businesses to manage agile workflows. They thrive because of their research, market knowledge and because of the great team behind their products and services.

Visit their website: https://farmainnova.rs/