Welcome our newest member Energoprojekt

Welcome our newest member Energoprojekt

Since 1951 when founded as a consulting company, ENERGOPROJEKT has grown into a complex business entity, integrating 9 companies (7 of which are internationally active) with its headquarters in Serbia and 20 companies, representative and branch offices abroad. Through a period of over 70 years ENERGOPROJEKT has developed a large spectrum of activities, always offering the highest quality and standards, in the following fields: energy generation, transmission and distribution, water management and environmental protection, urban planning, architecture, building engineering and construction, infrastructure and industry ENERGOPROJEKT is the only company in the region listed in the renowned American magazine “Engineering News Record“ lists: “The Top 225 International Design Firms” and “The Top 250 International Contractors”.

During 70 years, ENERGOPROJEKT designed and developed complex projects in more than 70 countries worldwide. The following list is a brief summary of relevant projects:

  • 50 Hydro Power Plants of various types and capacities;
  • 34 Thermal Power Plants (oil, gas or lignite fired) of various types and capacities (with a unit capacity up to 600 MW);
  • 10 Wind & Solar Power Plants
  • 15 Industrial Power Plants;
  • 20 Heating Plants & 34 District Heating Systems;
  • Over 550 Power Transformation Stations (voltage levels up to 400 kV);
  • Several thousand kilometers of Overhead Transmission & Cable Lines (voltage levels up to 400 kV);
  • Over 50 projects of rural electrification;
  • 50 Water Processing Plants;
  • 40 complex Land Improvement Systems;
  • Over 30 Water Management and river flood control projects;
  • About 50 municipal and industrial water supply and sewage systems;
  • Multiple Infrastructure Projects (underground facilities, tunnels, highways, regional roads, runways, railroads and metro stations);
  • Over 1,300 complex projects in different industrial fields (oil and coal processing, ferrous and non- ferrous metallurgy, metalwork’s, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, building materials, textile and leather, wood and paper, food etc.);
  • 100 public buildings;
  • 10 conference centers;
  • 1,000,000 m 2  commercial premises, over 1.000,000 m 2  residential buildings, great number of hospitals, health centres, schools, administrative buildings, tourist and sport facilities;
  • Heating, cooling and air-conditioning installations for a/m projects;
  • Interior design and furnishing for a/m projects;

Since 2001, Energoprojekt stocks has been traded on Belgrade Stock Exchange. As of December 19, 2022. Energoprojekt was listed on the Open Market of Belgrade Stock Exchange.