Welcome our newest member Baby Food Factory

Welcome our newest member Baby Food Factory

They are Baby Food Factory (BFF), the only factory in the Adriatic region that guarantees the highest standard of quality and safety of food for all generations, because of constant investment in equipment and technology. Since its foundation, BFF has recorded continuous growth, both in terms of production growth and portfolio expansion, as well as in sales results, baby food market share, and export activities in markets around the world. They are constantly developing their portfolio and that is why today they produce healthy food for all generations. 

One of their main forces in the baby food category is a constant increase in market share. Nutrino Baby provides a complete range of products for the youngest age and is the fastest-growing brand in the category of baby food in Serbia, which gave them an additional incentive to expand their portfolio and offer healthy nutrition to all generations through Nutrino Lab and Nutrino Junior. 

Nutrino Lab as a functional adult healthy snack that they developed in 2020 is a unique on-the-go product that is made from 100% fruits and vegetables, without sugar and additives. Owing to innovative production technology, Nutrino Lab puree mixes come in pouch packaging and are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from fruit and vegetables and are an ideal snack throughout the day. Their youngest member of the Nutrino family, Nutrino Junior has a vision of creating smart generations. With the new Nutrino Junior products, they are creating awareness that there is a new, healthier snack for children of pre-school age, and they are allowing parents to choose smart and healthy food for their children.

BFF not only follows trends in the world of healthy eating but also sets them. The company's dedication to top quality, irresistible flavors, and innovative approaches guarantees not only healthy but also delicious products. With a deep understanding of consumer needs and continuous market research, BFF continues to improve, create, and introduce new trends in the world of healthy eating.

Visit their website: https://babyfoodfactory.com