Welcome our newest member A3 Architects

Welcome our newest member A3 Architects

A3 Architects was founded in Belgrade (Serbia) in 2008. by architects Aleksandar Mitic M.Arch. and Mladen Nastasijevic M.Arch. In close collaboration the two architects create designs and studies in the fields of architecture, Interior design and urban landscape. Today, A3 architects is a multidisciplinary architectural studio with offices in Belgrade and Prague focused on integrating various disciplines – architecture, urban landscape, design and art. In 2013, architect Tereza Dvořáková ing.arch. joined the team and together set up A3 Architects Prague office. The practice operates worldwide with offices in Belgrade and Prague, employing talented architects and Interior designers.

They are an interdisciplinary international design firm by expanding their team beyond architects and interior designers to include researchers, anthropologist, graphic designers and more. They view design as a process of discovery. Design research enables them to experiment, to improve and to design smarter solutions. That’s particularly important as they strive to create a more resilient future.

As a team, they are dedicated to the deepest level of involvement in the design of both their buildings and interiors in order to deliver projects which meet the highest possible standards of excellence.

The company’s work is characterised by strong conceptual legibility, innovation and a rigorous approach to detailing, all underpinned by the principles of humane, enduring and sustainable design.

Some of their reference projects include:

Serbia Pavilion at DUBAI EXPO 2020

Private House in Opatia, Croatia

Siemens Belgrade office

To visit their website, click here: www-a3.architects.com