Welcome our new Premium member IWG Group

Welcome our new Premium member IWG Group

BSCC is delighted to announce that we have partnered up with IWG Group to start using their shared space offices. Now, everyone can find our Belgrade based team at Spaces Navigator II - Milutina Milankovica 1i, 11070 New Belgrade, Serbia!

IWG has been at the forefront of hybrid working for decades, having created the flexible workspace industry with the launch of Regus. Now the business has a portfolio of almost 20 globally recognised brands, which also include Spaces, Signature, HQ, Clubhouse and The Wing.

The organisation continues to be the world’s leading provider of flexible workspaces with a presence in 120 countries globally across thousands of locations. IWG has 5 locations in Serbian market and all of them are located in the main Belgrade's business districts. It offers a holistic workspace solution supporting companies however their employees choose to work; whether that’s mobile, at home or at one of their centres. The business has an unparalleled network of office, co-working and meeting spaces for companies to use in virtually every town and city in the world.

Through this network of locations and range of operating brands, each with their own unique workstyle, IWG gives people the freedom to choose their own way of working – wherever, whenever and however they need. IWG helps millions of people have a great day at work every day and enables global organisations to create an attractive working experience for their employees. Their model frees businesses from the financial constraints of fixed office space and gives them the agility they need to move fast and stay competitive.

Visit their website: https://www.iwgplc.com/en-gb