Welcome back our renewing member ABL Ltd

Welcome back our renewing member ABL Ltd

At ABL, thier business focuses on the production of power modules and the distribution of office desk accessories, including ergonomic and cable management products. They are proud to celebrate their 20th year in business. Their longstanding presence in the industry reflects their dedication to quality and excellence.

As a project-driven company, their focus lies in providing solutions to office furniture manufacturers, interior designers, and office equipment suppliers. They offer diverse products, from power modules, monitor arms, cables & cable organisers, and CPU holders. Their European manufacturing facilities, located in Serbia, enable them to swiftly respond to meet their client’s specifications.

They recognise the significance of flexible offices with modular furniture designed for collaboration while emphasising ergonomic features and optimising workstations to facilitate private calls and meetings. The ever-changing landscape of office spaces and evolving business cultures have compelled them to adapt and continuously innovate.

At ABL, they take pride in designing products that cater to both meeting rooms and individual desks, striving to create a secure and functional work environment where people can achieve their goals while utilising cutting-edge technology.

Visit their website: https://www.abl-ltd.com/