We welcome new premium member Vega IT

We welcome new premium member Vega IT

Vega IT is a software development and system integration services company working at the cutting edge of digital product development. Founded in 2008, the company now has 800 software development professionals and more than 200 clients in 24 countries. Vega IT partners with the world's most innovative businesses and co-create the world's best digital products. They have offices in four countries, including the UK and the USA. They are members of the Digital Serbia Initiative, where Sasa Popovic is the Board President.

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Vladan Ostojic (on the left) and  Sasa Popovic(on the right),the founders of Vega IT

Members in spotlight


Nikola Prelevic (on the left) and Richard Morris, Executive Partners at Vega IT UK

Nikola, today you are joining Vega IT as an Executive Partner at their London office. We

know you are coming from Atos, but tell us more about your journey so far.

Nikola: I am an award-winning digital transformation consultant with almost twenty years of

experience helping clients across multiple sectors with their digital journeys, from setting the

strategy and working directly with C-level executives and their teams, to leading the

transformation delivery and implementation of digital products, platforms, data, AI and system

integration solutions.

Always going the extra mile and leaving no stone unturned to ensure that clients understand the

full spectrum of digital options, realise benefits fast and get a trusted ‘critical friend’ partner. All

of my experiences led me to this moment, and becoming a Partner at Vega IT.

Your business was already operating globally. So why did you open an office in London


Nikola: In today's increasingly digital world we see from our clients that the technology is no

longer just a business enabler. It is now a core asset and a competitive advantage, and it will

continue to grow in importance. Especially now as data and AI driven businesses take off, and

also the macroeconomic situation is expected to improve. The market is growing, will accelerate

and we feel well positioned to capture the growth.

In that context, as always, London is expected to be at the epicenter of digital growth and

innovation, across most sectors, so it was a logical move to establish our physical presence

here. That is why I’m looking forward to seeing the impactful results and change Vega IT will

deliver to clients with the implementation and delivery of digital innovations, experiences and


I’m also very proud to start this journey with a long term friend, colleague, and mentor Richard

Morris. Richard, you left IBM to join Vega IT. Tell us a bit more about your background and was

this a hard decision to make?

Richard: For both of us, joining Vega IT from ‘big corporate’, is a breath of fresh air. Vega is a

brilliant, dynamic, and entrepreneurial organisation without the constraints of heavy processes

and large overheads, freeing up the time to focus on our clients. The quality of the nearshore

delivery model, the hiring of the best graduates and the commitment to a happy working

environment makes Vega IT really stand out. Teaming up again with my old Atos colleague

Nikola whom we worked together on some of the most interesting digital transformation projects

made the decision really quite easy.

As an experienced executive, partner, and multi-award winning digital business transformation

consultant with 30 years of experience, I have helped clients define and deliver their change

programmes. Having worked across multiple sectors, covering energy & utilities, not-for-profit,

sports, media, financial services, manufacturing and public sector, I bring a breadth of

understanding on how to make technology enabled change work and the benefits realised.

In joining Vega IT, I bring my expertise in digital strategy, technology transformation, and

end-to-end delivery to help organisations harness the power of digital, AI and data to deliver

tangible business improvements, reducing risk and driving competitive advantage.

Establishing the UK office, as part of the global expansion, will bring the full value of Vega IT

closer to our UK clients.

How is Vega IT accelerating digital transformation and providing additional value to the


Nikola: At Vega IT, we partner with our clients on their digital journey, and our approach to

adding value is twofold.

Firstly, our end-to-end digital product development capability - from product discovery to

software architecture and then on to implementation. We create our client’s vision together and

make it a reality. We bring all the required capabilities and roles including product owners,

business analysts, software architects, all kinds of engineers, data scientists, and quality


Secondly, our domain expertise and delivery of business outcomes. Over the years we

have developed strong domain expertise in multiple industries such as Financial Services,

Insurance, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Education, and Retail. By understanding the value

chains, business models and existing systems we are able to add value by being proactive and

providing innovative thinking and solutions that can be implemented in their business context to

deliver the required outcomes. We are not just another technology services provider, but a

company that delivers real value to our clients.

What do you expect from the London office?

Richard: We have ambitious plans to grow multifold. The key lever is being closer to our clients,

allowing us to anticipate their needs and proactively bringing solutions to their business

challenges. That is what we will bring and is the goal of the UK offices.

We will bring digital transformation, delivery and client leadership to Vega IT, and grow the

onshore capability to allow Vega IT to be the trusted partner to clients.

Finally, how do you think this milestone of opening offices in the UK might impact the

future success of the British-Serbian trade?

Nikola: I hope our milestone will encourage more Serbian companies to invest in the UK and continue

delighting UK companies with what we can do. I think this can create a snowball effect,

contributing to significant growth over time in the economic value exchange between the two


IT and digital services are one of the best services Serbia can offer to companies in the UK. We

are very competitive in this space and have a lot of value to offer - offering both innovative and

market leading IT and digital services, including data and AI, as well as a competitive price


IT and digital services are one of the best services Serbia can offer to companies in the UK. We

are very competitive in this space and have a lot of value to offer - offering innovative and

market leading IT and digital services, including data and AI, as well as a competitive price


To all the interested readers of this article, we look forward to discussing how Vega IT’s

innovative e2e digital solutions can help you. If you would like to reach out to the Vega IT UK

office, please contact us at richard.morris@vegait.co.uk and nikola.prelevic@vegait.co.uk.

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