We are proud to present renewing premium member Bozic & Sinovi

We are proud to present renewing premium member Bozic & Sinovi

Bozic i Sinovi Recycling Center is a certified recycling center for electrical and electronic waste as well as fluorescent tubes and light bulbs. Having been in business for almost 40 years and located in Omoljica, BiS Recycling facility has a processing capacity of 26,000 tons and 50,000 tons of storage space for electrical and electronic waste from cooling devices, household appliances, IT equipment, lighting to mobile phones.

The result of their production, otherwise known as the output, is: iron, aluminum, copper, plastic, inertised dangerous ingredients and without any hazardous effect on the environment. They like to highlight the fact that they are proud urban miners.

With the latest technology and the application of the experiences of European recycling centers, BiS provides its clients with a complete service in the waste disposal process. Having all the necessary permits on the territory of the Republic of Serbia secured, they deal with the collection, transport, storage and treatment of EE waste and light bulbs.

As part of its range of services, BiS provides consultations in the area of waste management plans, as well as the service of making environmental impact assessment studies.

Their plan for the forthcoming period is to replace their substation from 1 MW with solar panels in order to become one of the first companies that treats and processes EEO with the help of solar energy, thus becoming carbon zero. They are also planning to open a new factory for recycling batteries from electric vehicles to black mass and lithium using the dry method.

The vision of BiS Recycling is to become a synonym for the company that continuously sets higher standards in the fields of doing business, recycling and environmental protection & security. Moreover they strive to be the entity that not only introduces trends and routines, but also predicts them and creates them in coordination with the future.

"For us, environmental protection is the most important political issue in the world" - Jovica Bozic, Founder and CEO

Visit their website: http://www.it-recycling.biz/