We are proud to present our renewing Premium member - Bozic i Sinovi

We are proud to present our renewing Premium member - Bozic i Sinovi

Bozic i Sinovi is a family business with the tradition of operating internationally since 1985. Through different sectors such as: IT, furniture production, tourism, civil construction, auto service, brewery, distillery and EE waste recycling, they employ around 500 people.

As the pioneers of the Serbian recycling industry, they proudly highlight the fact that they are using British up-to-date technology and equipment for recycling. At the beginning of 2022 and in cooperation with the British company Donasonic, they are opening a new segment for the recycling of large household appliances.

Their plan is to, instead of the electronic energy they are currently using, fully convert to solar energy and as a result become completely green and contribute to the global fight for environmental protection and safety.

'We are very happy when it comes to our partnership with the BSCC. As a member, we strongly feel like we are part of the team and that we are included in all decisions regarding the development direction of the Chamber. We can equally discuss the challenges the BSCC and our company are facing and there is always the will to help and quickly come to a solution. In my opinion, BSCC is heading to become the best example of the collaboration between diplomacy and commerce.' - Jovica Bozic, CEO

To learn more about the company, click here to see what Nick Groves, former Head of Commerce Sector at the British Embassy said: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kacU_Bi6lU

Visit Bozic & Sinovi website here: http://www.bozic.rs/