We are proud to present our renewing member Technology Partnership

We are proud to present our renewing member Technology Partnership

Technology Partnership is a British-Serbian Web 3.0 software solution company. They are commited to find the right solutions across a multitude of industries, such as in medical devices, digital security, financial transactions, business services, or any other area. This also applies to service areas such as the public sector where security is even more sensitive, to telecomms whose needs are evolving every moment, and to the stock market where the right solution could lead to safeguarding millions.

Their most recent solution is Köpa, which presents a two-step shopping experience with simplified UX – just one QR code screen scanning on mobile phones. Köpa is currently the only solution in the world which is unifying the physical world (retail, brick and mortar), digital (website, social media), and immersive (gaming, Metaverse). For merchants and marketplaces, Köpa is the only solution with real-time inventory tracking, easy check-in and check-out, unifying everyone on the same platform, while reducing the cost of operations!

The KÖPA application can be connected to all major points of sales and payment institutions, so you have a merchant’s offer, VAT, customs duty, payment and delivery, etc, in one place. Marketing-wise, KÖPA is giving more opportunities to bring customers, never lose them on the spot, and increase sales by double digits percentage. Wherever there is a QR code, it’s a point of sale. An online store via deep-link, billboard, magazine, flyer, physical store, and code scanning.

Visit their websites: www.tp.rs and kopashopping.com/