We are proud to present our renewing member - Vero Consulting

We are proud to present our renewing member - Vero Consulting

Vero Consulting's team of chartered accountants have considerable experience of advising UK and Serbian businesses on a wide range of financial and accounting issues. They have advised on acquisitions and disposals, business valuations, business insurance claims and a wide range of disputes leading to compensation. Other areas include disputed business purchases and sales, earn outs, divorce, professional negligence, financial investigations and insurance claims.

Many cases involve disputes and require sensitive forensic accounting and fraud investigations, and preparing reports for use in commercial disputes and arbitrations including for governmental bodies. They are a leading firm on advising and negotiating business compensation following compulsory purchase for major infrastructure projects on behalf of authorities or businesses.

They are able to communicate in English, Serbian and the other major European languages. They have presented their expert evidence in many courts and arbitration centres throughout the world. They are always willing to consider a case on a “without commitment”.

Visit their website: https://www.veroconsulting.expert/