We are proud to present our renewing member - Ninamedia

We are proud to present our renewing member - Ninamedia

Ninamedia is a leader in media monitoring services with almost 70% of the national market share. For more than 20 years, they have been constantly improving and expanding their portfolio of services, evolving in line with technological trends and market needs. In addition to monitoring and analyzing media content, Ninamedia has successfully positioned itself in the segment of market research and public opinion services and media production. In the previous three years, they were declared a national Superbrand.

The most modern technical and technological conditions of the new business center, in addition to further improving the quality and timeliness of existing Ninamedia services, have created conditions for the formation of NIMMA HUB, a unique business hub that can offer the regional market an integrated response to modern business needs. NIMMA HUB is designed as an innovative and complete approach to the information and market communications market. In cooperation with partner companies, members of NIMMA HUB, they close the communication cycle by providing services based on many years of experience and results in the fields of media, media monitoring, market research, education, strategic communication, business consulting, development and implementation of logistics solutions.

'In 2020, we became members of the BSCC and we are very proud of the cooperation that has become mutual in order to expand and strengthen our partnership. We are grateful to the team of the British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce which is always available for any help and assistance' says Dragan Radic, Founder.

Visit their website: www.ninamedia.rs