We are proud to present our renewing member - 60seconds

We are proud to present our renewing member - 60seconds

If you are like the average shopper, you are still going through the same time-consuming routine just to find the products you want at great prices. Constantly checking your favorite online stores for deals. Leaving items in dozens of open tabs and bookmarks. Waiting for the Black Friday or Cyber deals once in a year. Cross-referencing wishlists on multiple sites. Only to miss out again and again when the specific items you want finally go on sale. Isn't shopping supposed to be fun? With the 60seconds It's time to stop shopping like it is 2010.

60seconds, creates a gamified, all-year-round experience for consumers, who will never have to chase sales, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday deals again. Brands, on their side, unlock data on optimum pricing per SKU and access to a waiting list of potential customers engaging with their brand at different price points, enabling them to better control surplus inventory.

How does it work? If you are a Brand on Shopify, you will be able starting from February to install the app and offer your customers this unique opportunity to be more open, free, and direct. With powerful analytics on 60seconds dashboard and pricing data on products, there is no better way to know customers, see trends and develop the best discount pricing retail strategy on all markets. In advance, brands can predict the elimination of the stock.

60seconds team together with the CyberFoundry team, and Manchester University worked in the past few months to build plugins for Shopify clients. And from February they will be live on the Shopify app store.

Download their app here: https://60seconds.app/