Visit Flora Ivanjica at IFE from 21-23 March 2022

Visit Flora Ivanjica at IFE from 21-23 March 2022

From 21-23 March at IFE, you will have a unique opportunity to try some of Serbia’s premium food and beverages. We are delighted to present you Flora Ivanjica, our member and the first of five producers whom you will be able to visit and meet at the “Serbia Does Specialty” pavilion number 3542 offering a must-try food! 

Flora, a family company from Serbia, has definitely managed to leave a mark in the local and international food industries due to their products' perfect balance of healthiness and flavor.

Flora will be exhibiting fresh, delicious and original fruit jams and spreads that have always occupied a special place in our nutrition as reminiscent of childhood and the warmth of home.

They will present their two premium brands: 'Mingle' and 'Madam Jar'.

‘Mingle’ jams contain a high percentage of fruit. All products are carefully simmered in a vacuum at low temperatures (60⁰C) to preserve vitamins and other healthy ingredients. They add very few ingredients to the pure fruit: a little sugar, the juice of ripe lemons, and a touch of citrus pectin.

Their other brand of jams, ‘Madam Jar’, in addition to standard jams and spreads offers organic and diet jams that are completely healthy! All their products are GLUTEN-FREE AND VEGAN.

IDEAL CONSUMPTION: an ideal choice for exotic sweet and tasty combinations with cheeses, but also for the well-known sweet pastries and pancakes.

Knowing about the diversity that nature offers us, it is Flora's pleasure and challenge to transform fruits in the gentlest way possible. In this way, they preserve authentic taste in their products with processed fruit that is exclusively of domestic origin.

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Here is our LinkedIn event for IFE where you can see everyone from our network who will be visiting Serbian pavilion from 21-23 March: