UK visa update

UK visa update

The current times needed to get a UK visa have lengthened since we last wrote about this last Spring. According to UK government website,, UK standard visitor visa applications are now taking 7 weeks on average to process (starting from when biometric data is provided online or at an appointment with TLS). Additionally, there is reduced availability of the Priority Visa Service (which costs around €300 on top of the visa application).

We recommend that everyone

* now applies for a visa at the earliest opportunity (3 months in advance of travel);

* considers whether to pay RSD 10,100 for the 'keep my passport' service (through TLS) if the passport is likely to be needed during the application period;

* follows the online reporting of the visa application on the TLS website & contacts TLS as soon as the visa authority has been issued to TLS.

The BSCC has no way to influence UKVI to issue a visa more quickly. For BSCC members, we are happy to provide a visa support letter for staff travelling to the UK if needed but this needs to be included in the initial application.