The launch of our website in Serbian

The launch of our website in Serbian

We are happy to announce the Serbian version of our website. Having launched our new site back in January we have wanted to provide a Serbian version, which you can see here. While certain features such as our Articles of Association are still being worked on we look forward to continuing to improve our site and provide our services in both languages.

A huge thank you to Nenad Veljkovic and N Planeta for their role in the the new site

With his expertise in web-design, graphic design and many other marketing related services Nenad and his company have not only designed our new website, but been invaluable in creating the Serbian version and helping us adapt to the admin system. 

N-Planeta has an extensive knowledge of various programming languages, offers services from web-design to animation and has partners in telemarketing, digital agency and copywrite. We would recommend their high quality services to any of our followers and members, if you would like to know more click here