The British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce back in Belgrade for 2020

The British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce back in Belgrade for 2020

The British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce started 2020 in Belgrade by joining forces with the British Embassy at a New Year’s Reception generously hosted by the Ambassador HE Ms Siân MacLeod at her Residence on 23 January.

At the reception were leading British companies present in Serbia and the region along with a strong representation of the Serbian business community.

The Chamber’s role is to support great businesses from both countries operating in the “British-Serbian corridor” and to help companies who are new to the market to find opportunities.

David Landsman, who was appointed as Chairman of the Chamber in July 2019, said:
  "There is no better time for a relaunch of the Chamber than at the beginning of 2020, a year of change and therefore opportunity for businesses in both UK and Serbia. 
We are most grateful to Ambassador MacLeod for her hospitality and to her and Ambassador Aleksandra Joksimović in London for their unstinting support for our efforts.  We are determined to be the “go-to”
organisation for Serbian and British businesses and to earn the highest reputation for everything we do.   I look forward to being in Serbia regularly and to more activities with a growing Chamber."
HE Ms Siân MacLeod, British Ambassador, said:
"My priority as new UK Ambassador to Serbia is to build a stronger forward looking relationship between Serbia and the UK.  Trade and investment links are a vital part of that relationship. 
As we are leaving the European Union, we will be looking actively for new opportunities for bilateral cooperation. 
And we will continue to work together with our Serbian partners to support stability of this region and the security and prosperity of both our countries."

BSCC team takes this opportunity to thank the British Embassy, Department for International Trade (DIT), Ms. Bojana Arsić from DIT, all our members and guests for being part of our event in the new season.

Special thanks to companies that contributed their products and services in a fantastic raffle:
British Motors, G3 Spirits, Promont Group and Resort Fruške Terme, JCB and Terra Belgrade, McCulloch Wines, Happy Honey, Hipberry and Honey Immunizer, Basket – zdravija hrana made by hand, Natura Gusto, Food Concept.

If you want to discuss membership opportunities and collaboration between markets of the Western Balkans and the UK send an email to BSCC team via: