The 2021 UK TechProsperity Bridge Competition

The 2021 UK TechProsperity Bridge Competition

The BSCC is delighted to be in patnership with the UK Department  for International Trade on the UK TechProsperity Bridge,  a new competition organised for tech start-up companies in Serbia (together with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bulgaria) by the Inward Investment Team in the UK DIT.  They are offering a series of seminars and events for every company that enters and the 5 best ideas/business plans will meet a UK delegation that will help them access expertise, finance and networks in London and to be able to get access to the UK market. 

We particularly ask all members and friends of the BSCC to share this page with anyone who would be interested.
The online events will cover 

  • Key support for your business (December 2020)
  • Funding and grants available for your business (January 2021)
  • Sales and partnership opportunities (February 2021)

And the final event to announce the selected companies will be held at the British Embassy in Sofia in March 2021

The competition is open to 

  • Any Tech startup company targeting the UK in your go-to-market strategy
  • Any Service company looking for ways to spin-off with a product built in-house
  • Any Tech business looking to expand internationally and requiring support in assessing high potential scenarios

The competition is open until shortly before the first event is held in early December.

More details can be found here