Succession Planning Seminar with our member PsyConsulting 31 March 2022

Succession Planning Seminar with our member PsyConsulting 31 March 2022

The BSCC will be holding a seminar with our member PsyConsulting on Succession Planning at the Hotel Prezident Palace, Belgrade, on March 31st at 3pm CET. This will be the first in a series covering topics in Human Resources aimed at senior managers and HR professionals.

SHL is the synonym for Occupational Psychology and a global leader in HR technology and Psychometric science. They transform businesses by leveraging the power of people, science, and technology. PsyConsulting is the exclusive local SHL Reseller Partner in Serbia.

The series of seminars will be covered by SHL speakers who are experts on the subject matter and have extensive knowledge in their fields. As you face challenges from both inside and outside of your company, succession planning offers a distinctive people-centered solution that you can tailor to your needs.
The business context for every company is unique, and SHL understands that your challenges are too. That is why SHL's succession planning approach allows them to make up with personalised solutions that apply to your context.
PsyConsulting and SHL will emphasise how top management together with HR can embrace, plan, and set company’s goals and align these with the talent pipeline. It is one thing to know who has the skills and personality characteristics for the future. SHL’s succession planning methodology takes this a step further enabling a company to identify and recognise its context and environment.
Future seminars will introduce a range of experts. The speaker at the first seminar will be: 

Kristina Jevtić – Business Psychologist and a Managing Director at PsyConsulting, an SHL Reseller Partner

Our dedicated LinkedIn event:

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