Save the date ESG ADRIA 24-26 April 2024, Tivat, Montenegro

Save the date ESG ADRIA 24-26 April 2024, Tivat, Montenegro

Meet Biljana Braithwaite, CEO of Sustineri Partners and founder of the ESG Adria Summit, the leading international business summit in Southeast Europe dedicated to advancing regional environmental, sustainability, and governance (ESG) goals.

As the ESG Adria Summit approaches on April 24-26, 2024, in Tivat, Montenegro, we sat down for a discussion with Biljana Braithwaite, CEO of Sustineri Partners and founder of the ESG Adria Summit, the leading international business summit in Southeast Europe dedicated to advancing regional environmental, sustainability, and governance (ESG) goals.

Sustineri Partners is organising the ESG Summit in Tivat for the second consecutive year. What new things will the Summit introduce this year?

The ESG Adria Summit will be held in Tivat, Porto Montenegro, from April 24 to 26, 2024. This year, it will again gather distinguished guests from the region and the world, presidents, government leaders, world-renowned experts, numerous regional companies, and international partners. The ESG Adria Summit is organised by Sustineri Partners and Porto Montenegro, in partnership with the Government of Montenegro, under the auspices of the President of Montenegro, Jakov Milatović.

This year's big news is the expansion of the ESG Summit to the Adriatic region. Last year, the ESG Summit, the first regional event dedicated to sustainable development and dialogue on corporate responsibility regarding environmental, social, and responsible corporate governance standards, garnered significant interest that transcended the borders of the Western Balkans. Expanding to the Adriatic region, including Croatia and Slovenia, was a natural step forward.


In addition to its sustainability focus, the Summit also aims to showcase the beauty andcharm of Tivat, Boka Bay, and Porto Montenegro. The Summit destination offers a stunning backdrop for the ESG Adria Summit. Despite their breathtaking beauty and growing reputation as a luxury destination, these gems of the Adriatic remain relatively undiscovered, promising attendees a truly unique and immersive experience.

This year, we want to focus more in-depth on sustainable finance, green transition, significant regional investments, artificial intelligence and broader innovation agenda, and start-up development. In these areas, in April 2024, we will strengthen the regional dialogue and collaboration. The Summit agenda advocates for the prosperity of current and future generations, and preservation of natural beauty of the region and its cultural legacy, and highlights the pivotal role of compliance with the ESG agenda. Keynotes, panels, and workshops under the Summit's 2024 themes will all focus on the best international practices, regional challenges and practical solutions to empower businesses to set and achieve their sustainability objectives.

We are delighted to partner with BSCC, whose team has been very supportive indeed from the very start, and we look forward to joint initiatives with the Chamber and its members, including hosting you at the Summit.

Can you highlight a few of the prominent speakers who will be engaging at the ESG Adria Summit?

ESG Adria Summit will bring together visionary leaders and speakers committed to advancing sustainable practices and driving the ESG agenda. Confirmed speakers include Jakov Milatović, President of Montenegro; Milojko Spajić, Prime Minister of Montenegro; Nataša Pirc Musar, President of Slovenia; as well as regional government officials and esteemed personalities such as ministers from across the region, Federica Mogherini, Rector of the College of Europe; Tim Reid, Chief Executive of UK Export Finance; Dunja Mijatović, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe; Robert Spano, Partner at Gibson and Dunn and former President of the European Court of Human Rights; Nicolas Marquier, Regional Manager for the Western Balkans at IFC; Matteo Colangeli, Regional Head of Western Balkans at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Andrea Shemberg, Chair of Global Business Initiative on Human Rights; and Anino Emuwa, Managing Director of Avandis Consulting and Founder of 100 Women@Davos, among others.


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This event is supported by key companies and partners from the region and beyond, spanning renewable energy, finance, banking, IT, and tech sectors. Additionally, the Summit will host representatives of Plug and Play, one of the world’s largest start-up accelerators, ranked as the second most successful start-up accelerator globally. In 2023, Plug and Play formed a team focusing on the Western Balkans, collaborating with ESG Adria Summit to drive the innovation agenda further in the Balkans region through joint initiatives in the upcoming period.

How important is the ESG Adria Summit for the region and businesses?

For several reasons, the ESG Adria Summit holds significant importance for the region and businesses. Firstly, its regional nature provides a crucial opportunity for leaders and representatives from various industries to discuss cooperation opportunities beyond national borders. This fosters collaboration and the exchange of ideas, ultimately leading to the development of innovative solutions and initiatives.

Secondly, the Summit showcases the region in a positive light on a global scale. By demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and ESG principles, the region becomes more attractive to potential investors. This can result in increased investment opportunities, which can benefit the region's economy as a whole. British businesses and investors in particular, known for their high level of compliance and good practices, can play a pivotal role in raising standards in the region. By sharing their expertise and establishing a greater presence in the Adriatic region, British companies can contribute significantly to advancing environmental, social, and governance standards, fostering sustainable development and mutual prosperity.

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Finally, the Summit catalyzes launching regional initiatives and creating partnerships. Last Summit saw a successful launch of Women on Board Adria initiative, which has grown into a significant regional initiative over the past 12 months. Several others are in the making, and we are looking forward to continuing existing partnerships with some of the BSCC members and forging new ones in the days and months to come! 

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We look forward to seeing you at Porto Montenegro, Tivat April 24-26, 2024

Yours, Sustinieri Partners