Sales and partnerships in the UK

Sales and partnerships in the UK

Our partners Questups and the Department for International Trade will host their upcoming "Sales and partnerships in the UK" event on 23 Febraury. It will allow participants the valuable experience of talking to entrepreneurs and shareholders with hands on experience in the UK sales & partnerships field. This event provides a great oppurtunity to tech businesses looking to expand internationally and requiring support in assessing high potential scenarios, |tech startup companies targeting the UK in thier go-to-market strategy, and service companies looking for ways to spin-off a product.

Meet CEO’s of successful teams who have already succeeded in the UK – learn their journey and tough points of their experience. Our special quest is James Thornley who will share more about the Strawberry energy business case.

Their are 20 seats available and companies have until 21 February (this Sunday) to apply. To apply click here.

The speakers and mentors include:

Muhamed Semic – Head of Consulting, Deloitte

Paul Bilington – Founder and CEO, PROJECT #808

James Thornley – Partner, KP Advisory

James Ker-Reid, CEO, Sales for Startups

Shaden Jaradat – The University of Manchester

Cristina Dragu – Director CEN region, DIT

Dimitar Karamanchev, Founder and CEO, Questups