Renewing Members Razor, CMM and Arup

Renewing Members Razor, CMM and Arup


Razor's teams provide mission critical services that range from graphic design through to enterprise level back-end development. Their work and tools have changed a lot since they first opened their doors in 2002.Their commitment to being a valuable partner to their clients is a constant. With its incorporation in Ireland and the benefits it brought, they have continued their goal of working with the best and competing with the most innovative companies

Their founder and Executive Director Vuk Mirkovic started the company at just  21. Describing the company's growth being built on a quality mix of knowledge, experience, ideas and happiness. Not only overseeing the company's growth, Vuk has seen the company through crises, after the financial crash which heavily impacted Ireland, and the current pandemic, having stated the value both he and Razor place on adaptability "Large-scale crises will recur in the future, and when they do, they and the assumption of rapid change should be embraced and implanted in the mentality".

Razor's offices are in Belgrade, Serbia and Cork, Ireland. They are looking forward to what they can achieve and provide  their clients  going into their third decade of business.

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Clients come to ARUP for their ability to judge the environmental and social impact, as well as safety of projects. Their advisors provide support throughout the entire project journey, focusing on the impact on the environment and society.

As world trends have local implications, ARUP draws on the experiences of their global network and apply them to the local market to develop the most advantageous solutions. By understanding key drivers of change, they help businesses and projects build social and environmental resilience for the future.

They have worked on projects such as Corridor 10 Environmental Supervision, Road Rehabilitation and Safety Project – Technical Assistance to Roads of Serbia and Vinca Landfill Redevelopment.

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CMM Consulting:

Fully established and with eight operational departments in their head office, CMM are a global business and have been recognized for their achievements, most recently winning an award at the European Property Awards 2019-2020. They have highly experienced staff on hand to help, who are experts in their fields, and can assist with all your real estate needs, whatever you are looking for, such as a cosy house in Montenegro, a fabulous seafront apartment, a luxurious Montenegrin Villa, a profitable commercial property or a vast plot, all of that with the guidance of their in-house lawyer. They can also help with the construction of a new villa, if you choose to do your own design & build, here in Montenegro.

Recently, they also became part of the Citizenship by Investment program, allowing you to gain Montenegrin Citizenship, if you meet the terms and conditions. So, if you would like to expand your business vastly, or acquire a  Montenegrin passport, their experienced team will expertly guide you along the path to entering Montenegro's market and society.

On their relationship with us CMM stated:
"It is an honour being part of the BSCC, as we see this cooperation as a great opportunity to expand our presence in the business world. The traditional values of the BSCC stand for compassion, integrity, honesty. We are happy to share these values with them."

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