Renewing member G3 Spirits and product launch

Renewing member G3 Spirits and product launch

Our renewing member G3 Spirits Group is one of the leading representatives and distributors of alcoholic beverages and global brands in the region of Western Balkans. Striving for constant progress their goal is not to become the biggest, but to remain the best.

Being valued member of the BSCC the company stated: "Cooperation with British-Serbian  Chamber of commerce is definitely one of the key tools for our organization to stay up-to-date with all political, business and industry news, trends and market insights. On the basis of highest international standards and procedures, our organization benefits from a pool of know-how, experience and best practices."

As confirmation, their latest innovation and first own brand has just seen the light of day for the first time.

“Šamar” is a new brandy in their market, different from everything they have had the opportunity to try so far. It combines two different fruit types; a hint of quince was added to the plum brandy in their secret recipe, and in this collision, a surprisingly pleasant and one-of-a-kind drinking experience was created.

Mr Slavko Sarić, G3 Spirits Managing Director, described the new move with: “For more than 25 years G3 Spirits companies are successfully representing, developing and growing international brands in the territory of former Yugoslavia. During the past years we always considered to capitalize on our huge experience and know how. Now we are extremely proud that we are finally launching our first own brand creation in the Serbian market. Šamar is not only an important strategic step and milestone in our company history but the brand itself represent everything our organisation and team is standing for – innovation, excellence & quality.“