Renewing member A3 Architects

Renewing member A3 Architects

We are proud to present our renewing member - A3 Architects, which was founded in Belgrade (Serbia) in 2008. by architects Aleksandar Mitic M.Arch. and Mladen Nastasijevic M.Arch, who jointly create designs and studies in the fields of architecture, Interior design and urban landscape. A3 Architects operates worldwide with offices in Belgrade and Prague, employing talented architects and Interior designers and focusing on integrating various disciplines – architecture, urban landscape, design and art.

Ahead of the Wine Vision fair, we present you their newest project called - "The ring" has landed.

The modern distillery with an attached winery was conceived as a new point of interest of the village of Krnjevo in central Serbia, hoping to attract more visitors and establish Krnjevo as a notable stop on the region's wine trail. The structure takes the shape of a monumental concrete ring, overlooking the surrounding rural landscape. Inspired by the circle as a symbol of nature's cyclical patterns, timelessness, and completeness, the building forms a unique relationship with its environment. On the one hand, it stands out as unconventional compared to the surrounding built environment, while on the other, it effortlessly harmonises with nature, forging an oddly seamless connection, as if it has existed in perfect harmony from the beginning. The round shape dictates an unusual layout. A circle with a 36-degree cutout defines the cellar plan, while a ring-shaped layout serves as the ground floor plan.

The landscaping is conceived as a dual concept: an immaculate, pristine lawn of the encircled atrium and a wild, local species dotted surrounding garden. This dual landscape mirrors the architecture's logic—a raw, austere concrete façade on the outer ring and a delicate, glass-covered, transparent façade on the inner ring.

The fusion of contemporary design elements and the circular form results in a unique and innovative small factory style establishment. It is set to shake up the local world of wine and brandy production and offer a new type of experience that is sure to level up the growing Serbian wine and brandy market.

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