We are proud to present our renewing member - Food Concept

We are proud to present our renewing member - Food Concept

Food Concept began in 2005 by starting a family business in a modern greenhouse, specialising in the production of potted herbs. Over the years, they have expanded their product range and introduced new species and varieties of plants. Based on the success of their potted chili peppers, they identified an obvious demand for hot products, and expanded their offer with fresh packaged chili peppers.

MATADOR is the brand encompassing the entire line of chili sauces. In addition to the CLASSIC chili sauce and chili sauce from GREEN chili peppers, they also offer customers SWEET AND HOT chili sauce, chili sauce with HONEY and chili sauce with GARLIC.

Beside sauces, they have developed a line of chili jams for DIJAMANT AD. They produce jams for the VIVA private label found at OMW gas stations. They also produce juices but only from fruit.

Their vision is to position themselves on the market as the company renowned for being a reliable partner able to meet all the requirements in the production of private label for retailers, but also to develop brands for smaller businesses.

Visit their website: http://cili.rs/