We are proud to present our new member Vision Intelligence

We are proud to present our new member Vision Intelligence

Vision Intelligence helps manufacturers to enhance productivity by providing continuous real-time insights on manual production operations leading to better training, fewer defects and reduced waste.

Today there are still over 50 million factory workers worldwide who perform mission critical operations manually, contrary to the popular belief that automation is at the heart of manufacturing. However, manual production remains a black box activity with key production information either unavailable or invisible to factory analytics, leading to significant challenges in waste, inefficiency and contractual issues arising from quality factors.

Vision Intelligence VIOLET AI production systems alleviates these issues by augmenting human capabilities in manual assembly operations leading to better quality outcomes, increased product traceability and long-term skill retention. With the ever-widening skill and productivity deficit in the sector it is clear that if we don't capture the current skills and build them into future manufacturing systems, the industry will end up relying on skills that no longer exist.

"Our decision to join and partner with the BSCC comes from the simple realisation that Serbia and the West Balkans are becoming a go-to for many global manufacturers across a range of verticals from automotive, consumer electronics and aerospace; owing to a highly educated and accessible workforce. We are looking forward to a long and productive partnership with the BSCC over the coming years!" - Krste Pangovski, CEO & Co-Founder

Visit their website: https://www.visionintelligence.com/