Speed Business Meeting October 2023

Speed Business Meeting October 2023

Successfully held Speed Business Meeting that gathered over 70 company representatives

On Monday, October 30, a Speed Business Meeting was held at the Mona Plaza Hotel, attended by members of six bilateral business associations - AmCham, British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (BSCC), CANSEE Canadian-Serbian Business Association, Chamber of Italian-Serbian Businessmen ( CCIS), the Slovenian Business Club (SPK), and the Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SSCC).

The event brought together over 70 representatives of member companies from various business sectors with the aim of connecting foreign and domestic businessmen.

Mirjana Dončić - Beaton, executive director of the CANSEE Canadian-Serbian Business Association, addressed the gathering first, before all associations, who greeted all present and welcomed them to another successful Speed Business Meeting. She thanked the event partner Mona Plaza, as well as the sponsors Cargo-Partner, Euractiv Srbija, The Chedi Lustica Bay, Delamode Balkans and Alascom Robotics who had the opportunity to present their companies afterwards.

During 10 quick and efficient eight-minute one-on-one meetings, the participants had a unique opportunity to present their company, make as many business contacts as possible and initiate possible new business projects.

After the productive work, a cocktail was arranged for the purpose of informal socializing, during which the participants of the event had the opportunity to meet, exchange information and establish new business relationships with other representatives with whom they did not have the opportunity to meet during formal meetings.