Interview with Tamara Sijan, CEO at Parlons Design

Interview with Tamara Sijan, CEO at Parlons Design

Since you have been in the furniture business for 25 years, could you tell us what differentiates Parlons Design?

Tamara: As business owners, in the past, we handled the production process from beginning until the final realisation. We have participated on numerous furniture industry exhibitions in the country and abroad, always approaching the events thematically. We hire young designers and give them a chance to jointly create something new, beautiful and functional for our clients. We incorporate our idea, logic, love, energy and soul into our products.

After many years I decided to offer our clients something that I have always appreciated the most and that is ITALIAN FURNITURE.

Parlons Design, as the new company name means Let's talk about design. Our vision is that in one place the client can get support in choosing furniture, of high quality and design.


What motivated you to take initiative and start a business as a CEO? Could you share more about what drives you towards success?

Tamara: I think it was a completely natural decision after working in a family business for many years, to continue as an entrepreneur, as well as to feel that I have a style and love for furniture and furnishing to share.

I think that feeling useful and valuable every day is a success. If a person loves what they do and can eventually make a living from it, then in my opinion life is truly fulfilled.


Could you elaborate more on what Parlons Design has in store for the forthcoming period?

Recently, we had been working on reducing the delivery time, now standing at about 5 weeks, which, in the furniture industry, is very reasonable.

In the following period, we will be presenting our clients with the newest collections for bedrooms, living rooms, and other home rooms from the famous Italian brands we proudly represent in Serbia: Conte Bed, Felis, IL LOFT, GHIDINI 1961, and many more. And that is, of course, just a small part of what we can offer.