Interview with Mr Stevan Gadol, Ferry Agent General Manager

Interview with Mr Stevan Gadol, Ferry Agent General Manager

As an entrepreneur, could you tell us more about what makes Ferry Agent stand out?

Ferry Agent stands out because we manage to balance out the quality of service (of transport) being at the highest level and that transport prices being lowest possible and acceptable for importers and exporters. We managed to achieve this with dedicated and diligent work directing our main focus toward one market - the UK, where we have a large turnover and the flow of goods so we can control both the price and the quality of our service.

As a very valuable supporter of the BSCC who has been a member for more than a decade, could you share your experience on how the Chamber helped further develop your business?

The Chamber helped us develop our business mostly in the direction of promoting our services to other BSCC members, as well as the gave us opportunities to appear at gatherings that are regularly held at both UK Embassy in Belgrade and Serbian Embassy in London, ​​where many prominent people from business world, such as importers and exporters, are present.

You recently attended the Wine Tasting Evening organised by the BSCC in the Serbian Embassy in London. Could you kindly let us know your view of the event?

It was a pleasure to attend the event which was hosted by H.E Aleksandra Joksimovic, Serbian Ambassador to the UK. This was a lovely opportunity to meet and connect with many UK based BSCC members as well as to discuss the recent increase in trade between Serbia and the UK that was a result of signed Partnership, Trade and Cooperation Agreement. All this while tasting and enjoying the premium quality Serbian wine from various wineries provided by NIKO Preston, the biggest exporter of Serbian wine to the UK. I am very thankful to Dr David Landsman, BSCC Chairman, Executive Directors Jadranka Dervisevic Kitaric & Richard Robinosn, and of course, to the rest of the BSCC team for their hard work to make this event a success.