Interview with Bruna Aleksic, Event Director at The Chedi Lustica Bay

Interview with Bruna Aleksic, Event Director at The Chedi Lustica Bay

Could you elaborate on what makes The Chedi Luštica Bay stand out and why you should visit?

BrunaThe Chedi Luštica Bay, member of the Leading Hotels of The World, is a property completely different from all others in Montenegro. It is a hotel that makes your stay special by its location, surroundings as well as the contemporary, relaxed luxury feeling. By staying with us, you will see the best of untouched beauty of Montenegro nestled in the beautiful, newly built Marina Village of Luštica Bay. Our modern style and Mediterranean design will unclench you immediately upon arrival, and our staff will do everything possible to make your stay an unforgettable one. Our locally sourced food, prepared by our wizards of cuisine will touch your palate in a way you do not expect, and all our additional services are carefully crafted to unwind your imagination and want to come back for more experiences of Montenegro.


The Chedi is the only Hotel within Luštica Bay. What are your plans for the forthcoming period?

Bruna: Being the only property within Luštica Bay is a big task. We are there to set an example of the quality of service and to make our guests come again in the future to further discover the project itself. The Project is still a baby that is growing, and once done, it will be a masterpiece of modern construction that is in touch with nature, its location and surroundings. As a healthy lifestyle, modern living Hotel, we are there to further develop following the trends and setting new ones in our industry. Working a lot on sustainability, we are already a leader in our field in Montenegro and have been recognized as one from all over the world. This is something that is setting the goals high, and we are there to push the standards even further by creating more exceptional and unforgettable experiences. Luštica Bay is developing fast, opening new areas to the outside world, like Centrale- the modern year round living part of the destination where many have found a permanent home with all facilities you need in your day to day life, The Peaks that are currently being built and will offer a special kind of luxury within the golf course with the best views you can imagine and more that is just coming. We hope to have more partners on this amazing journey soon and to be able to show what we have and what we do to more and more guests who will hopefully become friends of The Chedi Luštica Bay.


You have been a member of the BSCC for almost a year now. Why is this partnership important for you?

Bruna: We are very honored to be partnering with an organisation like the British Serbian Chamber of Commerce. The team behind the name is a group of people who are like minded to us, and who are helping us develop and reach our goals. Working closely with the BSCC through their marketing campaigns, as well as participating and supporting their events such as Speed Business Meetings and the Christmas Carols & Reception has brought us many connections that we could not have had otherwise. They are showing our presence and standing behind our back when making new meaningful connections with their business partners that are becoming our friends. Through the BSCC we have had an opportunity to stand strong within both the Serbian but also the British corporate market, and it makes us really happy to say that after this fruitful year of cooperation we have become a family striving to the best and working hand in hand to reach our goals.