Digital Conference 2023

Digital Conference 2023

The BSCC was excited to be a part of the DIGITAL 2023 conference.


The annual, 10th DIGTAL event took place at the Hotel Hyatt in Belgrade. For the first time ever there were Digital Awards introduced for sectors such as marketing, PR, digital innovation, etc.


The event convened leading companies and people in telecommunications, media and people of the industries that drive the economy in Serbia. The first panel was the traditional annual meeting of telecommunications leaders of the region. CEOs of companies like Telekom Srbija, Yettel, A1, and Orion Telekom were talking about their expansion and how they are planning to get more customers. The second panel was about digital transformation. Companies like GameS, KupujemProdajem, and United Cloud were talking about how they made the digital transformation. After that, we listened to CHAT GPT, TikTok, X, Digital Trends in Great Britain, and the reality show Survivor.


The BSCC is delighted to continue attending and supporting this wonderful conference and congratulates the organisation for a superb job well done.