New Travel Regulations 29 Jan 2021

New Travel Regulations 29 Jan 2021

Update on Travel Regulations 29 Jan 2021 

UK travel regulations have continued to tighten. There is now a 'Red List' of countries from which travellers will not be allowed into the UK if they have been in or transited through in the previous 10 days. UK and Irish citizens and other nationalities with UK permanent residence are exempt - they will be allowed to enter but will have to self isolate for 10 days. At the moment of writing the countries on this list are mostly in southern Africa or South America, but also include Portugal and the UAE. 

The list does not currently include Serbia or other Western Balkans countries. However, any country can be added to the list at any time with little warning. People entering will still have to comply with all other requirements including a negative test 72 hours before departure and will not be allowed to use the Test to Release scheme. The 10 day self isolation is strict (much stricter than the general UK quarantine rules).

Additional checks will be carried out on travellers departing the UK to ensure that they have a valid reason for travel. 

The UK Government has also announced that it will shortly introduce 'managed isolation in hotels' for travellers arriving from 'Red List' countries, that is 10 days compulsory stay in a hotel at the traveller's own expense.  It is not known when the details of this scheme will be published or when it will be introduced.

Lastly, the UK Government is reviewing its current list of exemptions from isolation to reduce the number. There is no general exemption for business travel.

In Serbia, the special scheme for business run by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) continues to operate.  It does not apply to Serbian citizens or to those with permanent or temporary residence status.

For more information on the special scheme for business see last weeks travel regulations update.

As ever, regulations can change at any time without notice. Whilst the BSCC gives this information in good faith, we do not accept any liability if anyone relies on it – you should always look at and rely on the original documents.