New Member Oxquant

New Member Oxquant

Oxquant is an Oxford-based management consulting business focusing on the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science for a range of knowledge-based industries. Oxquant's primary focus is finance but it has been involved in industries as diverse as energy, legal and even healthcare. Oxquant is co-headed by Dr Richard Saldanha and Dr Drago Indjic both highly experienced quantitative finance professionals hence the firm's finance bias.

Oxquant is no stranger to the forging of strong British-Serbian connections. Dr Indjic holds the position of Docent (Reader) at the Univerzitet Union – Računarski Fakultet in Belgrade, the firm works closely with Technology Partnership (another BSCC Member) and Oxquant was one of the sponsors of IMAGINE IF! Serbia 2020, an accelerator programme for developers of healthcare technology.

At the start of this year, Oxquant signed a cooperation agreement with The University of Novi Sad. The aim of which is technical involvement in the AI4Law Project funded by the Serbian Science Fund. Professor Gostojić, a key AI4Law researcher at the University of Novi Sad, and his team are expected to be Oxquant's academic visitors in Oxford this summer. The AI4Law Project was presented to the European Legal Technology Association – Serbian Chapter by Dr Indjic and Professor Gostojić earlier this month.

Oxquant is delighted to become a BSCC Member helping to support the work of the British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce more generally.
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