Interview with Sreten Savkovic, Group Managing Director at ABL Ltd

Interview with Sreten Savkovic, Group Managing Director at ABL Ltd

For almost two decades ABL has provided safe and reliable solutions to the office furniture market. Based on your valuable experience, could you kindly highlight what makes you stand out?

SretenABL is one of very few companies within this industry with its own manufacturing capabilities in Europe, which I personally find a significant advantage. Besides this ABL has recognised product safety as of paramount importance. As confirmation of our effort, we have achieved the British Standards Institution's Kitemark accreditation. Therefore, ABL's products have been independently and repeatedly tested by experts leading to the fact that you can have trust and have confidence in our products.

As a customer-oriented company, our focus is on clients so we continuously improve our processes, in order to meet their expectations and needs. This has been highly recognised and appreciated, and proved by our long-lasting relationships with a broad network of customers.

For those who are not familiar with ABL, can you share more about your product range and what kind of benefits they bring to the final users?

Sreten: Our product range consists of power modules, cables, cable management, monitor arms, and CPU holders.

Using our products, clients can ensure their workplace is designed to minimise the risks employees face, including power surges, accidental electrical fires, ergonomic aspects and other safety hazards.

Between 2020/21, electrical incidents caused 13 fatal and 228 non-fatal injuries in the UK alone. Cable management can help prevent electrical and tripping accidents, which are one of the leading causes of non-fatal workplace injuries.

As a valuable member who has recently joined the Chamber, could you elaborate your experience on how the BSCC helped further develop your business and secure more opportunities?

Sreten: Chamber is a very active and growing network, so since the beginning, we have joined many of your events. Most recently, we were part of the International Trade Week webinar, where ABL was given as an example of a company that successfully connects British and Serbian markets.

During 2022, we have seen some impressive achievements accomplished by your team. Could you share more on ABL Production's plans for the forthcoming year?

Sreten: During 2022 we succeeded to bring the revenue back to near pre-Covid levels which we believe is a huge success. During the Covid period, behavioral practices changed, and the working environment evolved from an office based to a hybrid. This required certain adaptations to the new business culture which is reflected in businesses like ours.

Since we are success driven, we are continuing further product development and extensions of our existence in new vertical and parallel markets.