Interview with Ruza Ristanovic Veljovic, Chief Corporate Affairs & Communications Officer at Euractiv Srbija

Interview with Ruza Ristanovic Veljovic, Chief Corporate Affairs & Communications Officer at Euractiv Srbija

Could you tell us more about Euractiv Platform and what is its purpose?


Ruza: EURACTIV specialises in policy coverage of the European Union and brings together news from across Europe. EURACTIV Serbia is the central media platform providing this information in the Serbian language, and it is the focal point for politics, business, diplomatic corps, and civil society in Serbia to exchange views on EU-Serbia relations.


As the leader in the industry, could you elaborate more on how much it is important to promote international business and trade?


Ruza: In the dynamic landscape of today's global economy, the imperative of promoting international business and trade stands as a cornerstone for industry leaders. This strategic endeavor yields an array of compelling advantages, both for individual enterprises and the broader economic spectrum.


Engaging in international business fosters an invaluable exchange of cultures and mutual understanding. It nurtures a culture of tolerance and respect for diverse perspectives, a quintessential attribute in a world stitched together by globalisation. I think this is a main role of media such as Euractiv Serbia.


You have been an active supporter of the BSCC together with other bilateral organisations. Could you share your opinion on how important it is to have such mediors that are able to connect and promote bilateral relations?


Ruza: Absolutely crucial. Organisations like the BSCC play a pivotal role in fostering bilateral and economic relations. They provide a platform for dialogue, networking, and collaboration, driving mutual understanding and economic growth. Euractiv Serbia support all of your activities from the beginning, and we think that is important to organise events and members dinners, speed business meetings etc, in which we can exchange our opinions, meet each other and learn more about both, UK and Serbia.


Could you kindly share what are your plans for the forthcoming period?


Ruza: Euractiv Serbia operates as a part of Mondo portal, which is one of the 32 online editions of WMG, the biggest media and digital transformation company in the Western Balkans.


Having in mind that recently we have undergone a transformation and now we operate as the WMG (Wireless Media Group), we will continue with further promotion of our integration. WMG's slogan reads "leading transformation" and illustrates the company's mission to transform businesses and societies in the entire region by fostering change, enhancing productivity and enabling greater connectivity and collaboration to reach the European level and global competitiveness. The formation of the WMG company represents a key step in the further development of the business.