Interview with Radenko Topalovic, Brand Manager at Maruska Studio

Interview with Radenko Topalovic, Brand Manager at Maruska Studio

How long has Maruška Studio been in business?

Through 20 years of development as a family business, we have created a brand recognisable for its distinctive silk products. Unique and rare, our limited-edition collections are distinguished in the hearts of business ladies and gentlemen as the perfect luxury corporate gift.

Could you elaborate more on what are the additional values ​​of the brand?

Inspired by art, history, tradition and cultural heritage, we enriched our products with famous works of art by Petar Lubarda, Sava Sumanovic, Paja Jovanovic and many others. These masterpieces portray fascinating stories, the ones that make our newest collection creative, memorable, and special.

Maruška brand is well-known globally. Could you kindly tell us what makes you stand out?

Our distinctive style of business elegance, impressive fashion details and elite programme of corporate gifts have been awarded with numerous and prestigious awards and recognitions. Above all, we are most proud of the successful collaborations and satisfied clients from the largest Serbian and international companies, which has positioned us as the leader in the production of premium corporate gifts. Some of the prominent people who wore Maruška products with pleasure are HM the King Charles III, Novak Djokovic, Milos Bikovic, etc.

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