Interview with Nada Begenisic, General Manager at Igmako Smart Solutions

Interview with Nada Begenisic, General Manager at Igmako Smart Solutions

Could you elaborate more about what makes Igmako Smart Solutions stand out?

Nada: Igmako Smart Solutions is a systems integrator, providing a broad range of mission critical solutions and services for the industries. We have international experience and specialised expertise across the entire range of wireless communications technologies. This allows us to provide turnkey solutions to our customers. The benefits we offer is a long-term experience in telecommunications especially emerging dedicated private networks for targeted needs.

Our vision set out the power of leading innovation to deliver sustainable solution for our customers and our focus is to support industries to transform towards more sustainable future.


Could you share with us what are the challenges the industries are facing and how you can help them to overcome them?

Nada: Driven by next-generation wireless technologies that are specifically designed to boost industries to transform, a rapid transformation of all industries is underway, with countless innovative solutions reshaping every sector for the better. These fast-changing operational requirements the industries are facing put a greater responsibility on telecommunications and solution providers to educate, inspire and support industries on its transformation path. However, while there are operational challenges to address, the most pressing issue is to improve the way industries are perceiving emerging technologies.

At Igmako Smart Solutions, we are supporting industries to embrace new level of connectivity and emerging technologies to solve ongoing challenges and to boost agility, efficiency and safety but also to open new endless possibilities. The industries that can benefit the most from our expertise are the transport sector, energy sector, oil and gas and industrial manufacturing.


What motivated you to take responsibility and start a business as a General Manager in a male-dominated industry? Could you share more about what drives you towards success?

Nada: By being assertive, without vain and a life-long learner helped me in building my confidence and there came a time in my career when I decided that the only way to realize my ideas in a way to create projects that will bring something new and to be a witness of how the emerging technologies are impacting our lives and changing society towards greener tomorrow, would be to do it as head of my own company. However, the true success is in the partners that surrounds you, people that you are bringing in the company and the company culture you are setting within the company.


Could you elaborate your view on the opportunities in the region and in Serbia?

Nada: Despite its relatively small size, emerging economy in Serbia is investing across a wide range of sectors, particularly infrastructure and energy.

Due to its strategic position in the Southeast Europe, Serbia as a gateway to Western Europe is connecting Western Europe and the Middle East and Trans-European transport networks are heavily influencing investment in development of modern and safe transportation infrastructure in our region and in Serbia from highways, high-speed railways to River Danube corridor. Modern infrastructure depends on reliable critical next-generation wireless connectivity that is the prerequisite for an efficient environmentally friendly and safe transport system.

In energy sector, Serbia and the region are moving towards green energy under the Energy Community Treaty and the Paris Agreement. The introduction of next-generation wireless networks is offering new opportunities to speed up the energy transition and reach the goals of the Paris Agreement. It can be thought of as a catalyst to enabling high-speed and reliable communication for power grids and operational models.