Interview with Ms Ekaterina Delliou

Interview with Ms Ekaterina Delliou

The BSCC is delighted to welcome our newest individual member Ms Ekaterina Delliou, MSc I.T.T., LLM Maritime Law, MILT, MIoE Customs Agent.

Could you kindly elaborate more about what your expertise includes as well as the region your work is focused on?

Ekaterina: It all started as a journey into an unknown professional path. I was invited to work in new emerging Transport department of Chemical factory NOVA in Thessaloniki under the name SERBOTRANS as a translator. Knowing languages made me in demand with industry at all times. By working in a transport company and in general in Logistics and by getting skills and experience I realised how important that sector is for the success on the economy as a whole in each country. Transport is very much linked to trade and success in trade is an indicator that a particular company or country are doing well.

My recent qualification is as a Customs Agent and Import/Export Documentation checker for goods crossing borders. It is very much about regulations, rules and legislation which has to be implemented. I act as an advisor as well. My experience started with establishing a link between the UK and Europe. My customers are mostly from Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and occasionally from Albania. I was working with customers from those countries always but with the exit of GB from the EU I moved to specialise in customs formalities. My hope is to work in trade between Serbia and GB as well.

As our newest individual member, why have you decided to join the Chamber?

Ekaterina: The reason I wished to be a member of the British Serbian Chamber of Commerce is mostly linked to my origin. I have the feeling that Serbia with the other Countries at Balkans are source of products deserving to enter the GB market. I feel that trade flows have to increase to reflect the real size of Serbian economy and policy making. The correct time is a shift in many things as well as shift in Trade partners too.

Can you share what trends in trade between the UK & Western Balkans region are forecasted for the year 2023?

Ekaterina: Trends in Trade : I will say the trivial "It depends...". Trade will increase if we know the rules of trade and we follow them. Opportunities for each product desires good prices, good quality, good logistics and good marketing and promotion. I want trade between GB and Serbia will increase and I try to contribute as much as I can.