Interview with Dragan Radic, Owner of Ninamedia

Interview with Dragan Radic, Owner of Ninamedia

Ninamedia has been active for more than 20 years and has gained the status of media and communications leader in the whole Western Balkans region. Could you elaborate on what makes you stand out?

Dragan: This is primarily due to our dedication to hard work and constant search for innovative solutions that would allow us to provide top-quality service to our clients. We were the first to introduce many of the modern media clipping tools on the regional market. Also, I always say that behind this entire “machinery” which works non-stop, every hour of every single day, stands an incredible team of people at Ninamedia. The team is led by experienced professionals, some of whom have been with the company since it was founded. We are also proud of our younger colleagues, who work hard, learn fast and give us fresh, new energy. We have created a modern, digitalised working environment for them, akin to that offered by best European companies.


As a long-time supporter of the BSCC, can you share your experience of being an active member?

Dragan: We are satisfied with the Chamber’s activities. I’d especially like to highlight a very positive fact that the BSCC is showing interest in each of its members individually. Also praiseworthy are the topical events organised by the Chamber. Ninamedia is always open for direct communication with the BSCC, especially in the field of strategic solutions and research, given that we are regional leaders in this domain, thanks to our team of experts who are in the top of their field.


Finally, can you share more about the forthcoming period? What can we expect to see from Ninamedia?

Dragan: Our company has a highly diversified portfolio of services and this is what makes us stand out both in Serbia and on the regional market. We use a complex methodology solution which allows clients to gauge their reputation among consumers of goods or services, but also among the competition, to determine their level of social presence etc. We were the first, not only in Serbia, but in entire Southeast Europe, to develop this tool which is very popular among our clients. We are constantly trying to introduce advanced, faster solutions for our other services, aiming to provide best-quality service for our clients.