Interview with Charles Lazarevic, Founder of Vero Consulting Chartered Accountants

Interview with Charles Lazarevic, Founder of Vero Consulting Chartered Accountants

Vero Consulting’s team includes highly experienced forensic accounting professionals with over 100 years of combined experience working on significant forensic accounting assignments. Could you elaborate more on what is your core business model?

Charles: We are a small team of highly experienced accountants and forensic investigators with many years’ experience of advising businesses and governments on financial disputes and acting as experts in arbitration and court proceedings both in the UK and internationally. While most of our work involves financial affairs, we also undertake reviews of computer systems, etc for evidence of security breaches.

Our team has prepared reports and given evidence in international arbitrations and courts in the UK, US, Switzerland, Cyprus and the Caribbean. While most cases remain confidential, one of the more public cases concerned corruption in the aborted sale of the London Olympic Stadium to West Ham Football Club after the 2012 Games.

One of the most important roles of an expert witness is to present complex situations in a very clear and concise form which helps the parties to the dispute to understand the reasons for the disagreement, which often leads to a resolution.

We have Serbian, Russian and German speakers as well as team members with working knowledge of the other European languages. Using our language skills we have worked on sensitive financial forensic investigations in Serbia. For more details, please review the firm’s website at:


As a long-time supporter of the BSCC, could you kindly share about your experience as a member?

Charles: As most of my firm’s work is project-based, we need to maintain our profile in the business community. BSCC has provided us with opportunities to meet many business people, to maintain contacts with the business community in both countries and to raise the firm’s profile at a wide range of events.

Under David Landsman’s leadership (a former UK Ambassador), we have seen significant increase activity and trade between the two countries, which we strongly support as well as benefitting from closer ties with the Embassies in both London and Belgrade.


As we are coming close to the end of the second quarter, could you tell us more about Vero Consulting’s forthcoming plans and projects?

Charles: Our current international projects include advising on various issues in the Middle East, an international commercial arbitration in Vienna and helping a shareholder sell his interest in a Gibraltarian company! We are visiting New York for a possible project in September and are currently in discussions for an investigation in Serbia, which should see us spending more time in Belgrade later this year.