Interview with Bojana Drobnjak, Principal at Drobnjak Law Office

Interview with Bojana Drobnjak, Principal at Drobnjak Law Office

Could you tell us more about the Drobnjak Law Office? Which areas of law does the firm cover, and how do you stand out from other law offices?

BojanaDrobnjak Legal & Partners is primarily a commercial, litigation and bankruptcy legal office. However, supported by decades of experience, we take on both civil and criminal cases, especially for "white collar crimes", enforcement, labour law, contract law, insurance, etc.; we are able to provide a complete service to the client. Although GDPR is a newer regulation, we have made great effort to specialise in this and become experts in all it nuances. I participated as an associate in an international arbitration case and non-litigation legal procedures in the UK and Greece. Contrary to many of my peers, I do not believe legal specialisation produces the best outcomes; real world legal solutions often traverse several legal spheres, so you cannot focus on one legal argument if you are to argue your case to the fullest potential. Every professional has its place in the legal market, we don't see other offices as competitors.

As a woman entrepreneur, could you share your secret to success?

Bojana:Legal profession seems to predominantly be an activity in which the majority of entrepreneurs are male. Thus, it is important that you believe in yourself, which is achieved with confidence in the solutions you offer to the client, and fortunately I am now backed by many years of my own work, training, and dedication. Being fundamentally a 'people' business, success also requires one to be able to adapt to the many different characters you will encounter, which can be a challenge but also hugely rewarding. Entrepreneurial work requires one to maintain professionalism at all times, you are your own representative, but also patience in completing the many behind the scenes activities required for maintaining a business. If I had to prescribe a recipe for success, it would be "love your work, live your work"; that moment when you don't extend your sick leave, or you can't wait for the first day at work after a dreamy trip...that's who I am.

As a recently joined member of the BSCC, could you kindly share how our collaboration has worked so far?

Bojana:I am extremely satisfied with the cooperation with BSCC; the organisation shows great respect for its members. Joining the BSCC has already proved to be the right choice; I was cautiously optimistic after the first interview, and my enthusiasm was confirmed shortly after. The care and cooperation of its members, friendly communication, an effort to develop as a team; all this is the path that the BSCC has taken and which, I must admit, is different from many other organisations. Simply said, BSCC offers much more than it presents itself.

Could you tell us more about your future plans? What can we expect from the Drobnjak Law Office in the forthcoming period?

Bojana: Every day represents a step forward, and we are looking to expand our team sustainably over time in order to support the growing client base. As lawyers, judging by the fact that big changes are always being introduced in our field, we have to adapt to new trends; this is not a matter of choice but survival. A satisfied team is just as important as a satisfied client, so our progress lies both in the expansion of our workplace and in the constant improvement of the team that makes up this office.