Interview with Ana Marojevic, General Manager at Menzies Aviation for Serbia & Montenegro

Interview with Ana Marojevic, General Manager at Menzies Aviation for Serbia & Montenegro

Could you share with us what makes Menzies Aviation recognisable, i.e. how does it differ from other companies in this field?

Ana: Menzies Aviation is the world's largest aviation services company with operations at more than 250 airports in 60-plus countries. We provide ground, fuel and air cargo services making us a complete aviation services provider for airport and airline partners. 

We are known for leading the industry in safety and security, as well as sustainabilty. Maintaining the highest standards is important to us and our partners. That means providing quality service, investing in equipment and technology and training and developing our employees. Together, these ensure we can uphold our number one priority, which is safety.

We recognise the world is changing and we must adapt and act to face immediate and emerging challenges and increased expectations from our stakeholders and global communities. We are committed to continually evolving and ensuring we operate and grow our business responsibly and sustainably.


What inspired you to start your own firm as a young entrepreneur?

Ana: First of all, I opted for entrepreneurship and business from the very beginning, believing it to be the best path for me to accomplish my aspirations, vision and business goals.

In the region where I come from and where I intended to develop my business, there is still great deal of traditionalism, which, unfortunately means that due to their position in society, women rarely dare to take the uncompromising path of entrepreneurship. When they do take the plunge, it is more often than not, into typical female-professions such as pharmacy, accounting services, cosmetic services, clothing and trade, etc. - entrepreneurial ventures generally chosen more out of necessity.

I belong to a minority group of women, who saw a chance in business to prove themselves and to do jobs they love and that fulfil them. Moreover, I chose aviation as an area primarily reserved for men so, when it comes to my chosen field, and the company I lead, I had to go through all of the challenging stages of building a name and reputation, as well as the creation and realisation of business ideas.

In any case, the fact that I have evolved from a small start-up company to a position where my company has became part of a huge worldwide organisation, gives me enormous satisfaction and validates all the efforts, sacrifices and difficulties that preceded the growth of my business.


How do you believe that Menzies' long-term development will benefit from collaboration with the BSCC?


Ana: The BSCC is an association that can undoubtedly help the further development of aviation in Serbia and the surrounding region, and consequently the realisation of Menzies' development plans by supporting how we communicate to the general public and state authorities.

The BSCC also has the capacity to present the benefits of Menzies Aviation developing and enhancing the standards and quality of aviation services in the region.


How do you see the forthcoming Menzies activities?


Ana: It will soon be a year since Menzies Aviation entered the Serbian market, and Menzies Serbia is an integral part of our plan for continued expansion in the Western Balkans. The initial results are promising. Just this month, relevant Serbian authorities issued the official Decision that allows Menzies Aviation to provide complete ground handling services at Belgrade Airport.

Our mission is to improve ground handling services, grow air cargo traffic, and apply the highest quality standards in our field, as well as the knowledge and expertise required to raise the quality of services to the highest level.

Our goal in the Serbian market is to implement our know-how and expertise to raise the level of service that Belgrade Airport rightfully deserves.

Serbia is a strategically important location in the region, and we believe that improving air transport and aviation logistics can have a significant positive effect on the further development of Serbia’s economic and international position.