Interview with Aleksandar Mitic, Senior Principal Architect at A3 Architects

Interview with Aleksandar Mitic, Senior Principal Architect at A3 Architects

As the Lead Project Architect on the Serbian Pavilion, could you share your experience from Dubai Expo 2020 as well as your thoughts on Belgrade Expo 2027?

Aleksandar: It was an honor to be chosen for the role of Lead Architect for the Serbian Pavilion at EXPO DUBAI 2020. For the second consecutive time, our team was selected to represent the Republic of Serbia at the most prestigious global exhibition.

World Expo provides a platform to showcase the greatest innovations that have shaped the world we live in today. Expo 2020 continued that tradition by featuring the latest technology from around the globe in all fields.

Expo 2020 Dubai was the first Expo held in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, and it had many reasons to be counted as one of the most important in exposition history.

Through cross-collaboration with experts and consultants from various fields, the project was produced by the A3 Architects Belgrade office, which joined forces with structural engineers, theatre consultants, sustainability engineers, as well as an art content team to deliver the design.

Titled 'The Ideas that Changed, and Are Changing, Humanity,' our design features an illuminated long cantilever structure that impresses and invites Expo visitors to:

- Discover how Serbian ideas have changed, and are changing, the world: from the creation of the first metals, through electricity and the radio, to climate science and early space exploration, to medical breakthroughs and Nobel Prizes.

- Learn how Serbia is prioritizing innovation and creativity to find new solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems, and is flourishing as a modern, dynamic, optimistic, and collaborative nation.

EXPO 2020 DUBAI was one of the most challenging projects we have worked on. The entire design process and international, interdisciplinary cross-collaboration, amid the COVID-19 pandemic and all the subsequent uncertainties, such as a lack of workforce on the construction site, postponement of the exhibition to the following year (2021), and supply chain difficulties, made the whole project even more challenging.


We are aware that your focus is Global International Market not only Serbian and Western Balkans region, could you elaborate if you plan to expand to other markets as well soon?

Aleksandar: My partner Mladen Nastasijevic (M.Arch.) and I founded A3 Architects in Belgrade in 2008. Born of tenacity and drive, we united with a bold vision to launch a new generation of liveable spaces tailored to the everchanging international market. 

Motivated by an iron-clad commitment to high quality and game-changing intelligent design, we worked hard and were persistent to set a new benchmark for excellence. In a short period, the firm has earned an outstanding record on the regional and international stage with trailblasing expertise in the fields of architecture, interior and urban design. At the most sensitive moment at the very beginning of A3 Architects, it was hard times amid of world financial crisis, but our vision was clear and striving for success was stronger than circumstances. 

Our team's tenacious spirit transcends borders. A3's second office led by Tereza Dvorakova and me was inaugurated in Prague in 2013. Future branches await in the world's premier cosmopolitan centres set to fulfil A3's unapologetically international vision.

Guess where the next A3 Architects office is going to be inaugurated?

From designing luxury residences of London and New York, to the commercial spaces of the globe's leading fintech, advising and marketing firms, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport interior; no project lies beyond A3's expertise and purview. Having represented Republic of Serbia on the international stage at two World Expos (Dubai 2020, Astana 2017), the firm's global reach is unstoppable, with A3 undoubtedly one of the most exciting firms operating today, as stated by our clients. 

Driven by passion, premium design quality and high professional services, A3 Architects today is a tight-knit firm with a big impact. A3 is a one of just few leading regional boutique architecture and design firm globally recognised.


Could you share how your collaboration with the BSCC can help and support your forthcoming plans? 

Aleksandar: Our collaboration with the BSCC has been highly professional, and I believe it has been mutually beneficial. Since we've been working with UK clients and closely collaborating with UK furniture producers and suppliers, I would say that we contribute significantly not only to Serbian-UK business relations but also to cultural exchange through our creative work.

Our experience as a member of the BSCC has been enormously positive, so I believe that Serbian-UK connections in our industry (Architecture and Construction) will become even stronger. Collaboration and even the merging of UK and Serbian architectural practices can add value in third markets such as the Middle East and Asia.

I foresee a bright future for the UK-Serbian business relationship, encompassing cultural and political aspects as well.