Interview with Aleksandar Eric, CEO at Harmonity Group

Interview with Aleksandar Eric, CEO at Harmonity Group

As a part of the ever-growing industry, what differentiates Harmonity Solutions from other companies?

Aleksandar: As the talent pool in the IT industry has been significantly increasing in Serbia, nowadays it has become difficult to diversify. With the idea of providing clients with everything they need for business development in one place and being the only link with IT services they may ever need, Harmonity Group created a 360-degree offer, which we successfully implement through our five entities: Harmonity Pixels2Pixels, Harmonity Solutions, Harmonity Business Consulting, Harmonity Academy, and Harmonity R&D. Our talents make sure that the services we provide are covering a wide spectrum of the IT industry in general.

Moreover, providing Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR) custom-made solutions, especially in real estate, gaming development, and metaverse projects, positions us at a leading position in the Web 3.0 domain.


What are your plans for the forthcoming period?

Aleksandar: We are currently focusing our investments on our R&D department, where we are combining new technologies to create unique products. You must have heard of ChatGPT, one of the most recent major developments in artificial intelligence, a detail-oriented AI chatbot that enables users to enter a text prompt and receive intelligently generated output, allowing for a back-and-forth conversation. Our forthcoming product will be a mixture of VR, metahuman technology, and ChatGPT.

In addition, we plan to participate in several major events that cover all aspects of our industry. Recently, our team has been devoting more time to the gaming industry, and we are excited to announce that we will be participating in VR meetup, organised by Serbian Gaming Association (SGA) on 23 March in Belgrade. We invite everyone to come and find us there!

Furthermore, having established our competitive position in the German, Swiss, and other markets across all continents, we have recognised the increasing trade between the UK and Serbia due to the Partnership, Trade and Cooperation Agreement. We believe this is the perfect time to expand to this important market. Therefore, we plan to participate in ICIATVR on May 24th in London, and we are also considering attending blockchain events in the UK. With the help of the BSCC, we are confident that we can be successful in this part of the industry, especially since London is becoming increasingly important in this field.


As an entrepreneur, what would be the ultimate advise you would give anyone starting their journey of owning a business?

Aleksandar:Every entrepreneur has their own original story of how they became successful. Even though it is different for everyone, I firmly believe that setting your goals, being persistent, and making sure your aim is clear will get you where you want to be.