HR briefing with our member PsyConsulting

HR briefing with our member PsyConsulting

We talk about numbers to gain revenue year after year. But how should you invest smartly in people to increase your company's revenue?

How do successful companies develop their talent to prepare them for future roles?

 A company does not necessarily need enormous resources. All you need is proper guidance on your company’s distinctive talents, opportunities, and growth potential.

Andrei Ion PhD - Country Cluster Lead and Managing Director at SHL Romania is our speaker in this seminar. Giving first-hand information about Succession Planning best practices, and how you can implement them into your business using world-class methodology. Most importantly, how to start thinking about the future in talent management.

The venue: Navigator Spaces – located on the address Milutina Milankovića 1, New Belgrade. You can spot it with the distinct white logo "Navigator" at the front of the tall glass building.

The time: June 14th starting at 18:00, ending at 19:00 (closing at 19:30).

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