Food and Beverages

Guide for the Export of Fruit and Vegetables to the UK Market

05.01.2024. | Created as a part of an export support programme in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, this guide provides an in depth look at the UK Market, its trends and potential routes…
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Webinar - Export Guide: How to export fresh, frozen and processed fruit and vegetables to the UK market

21.04.2023. | British experts from the food and retail sector provide viewers with all the latest information on the UK food sector, trends, useful advice for packaging, labelling and branding food prodcuts, as well as speaking about the key steps in the export of fresh, frozen and processed…
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Export Support Programme for Fresh, Frozen and Processed Fruit and Vegetables to the UK Market - Mentoring Session series

30.03.2023. | If you are a producer of fresh, frozen or processed fruit and vegetables, and you wish to enter the UK market, we kindly ask you to watch our metnoring sessions with industry experts. The mentoring sessions were organised within the framework of the Food and Agriculture…
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How to Export Food Beverages to the UK Market - IFE 2023 International Webinar Series

23.02.2023. | Montgomery Group have ran their IFE 2023 International Webinar Series, covering the UK food and drinks market, and how to export to it, with the webinars now available on demand here. We recommend two particular webinars for those seeking to export to the UK market: The…
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